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Ren Fest Pictures

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Her name is Yosa. And the photos came out lovely. I am particularly fond of the one of me sticking out my tongue. :P

Thanks - I didn't want to put up a name that I wasn't 100% sure was right. I personally think the closeup of you was good - you look mischevious (as per the tag I put on that one). I also like Yosa's expression in the picture I got of you two. The tongue one was fun b/c I wasn't expecting to get anything from it and did. You're fun to shoot b/c you're expressive.

Some of the bird ones came out better than I had anticipated. I knew I was having focus problems (and in retrospec I should've bumped the ISO and apeture to keep the same relative shutter time but getting a bigger depth-of-field. Hindsight is always 20/20 and has an infinite depth-of-field, however) and thought that the pictures looked a little out of focus on the camera, but they actually turned out sharper than I had thought.

This is turning into a journal entry in-and-of itself, so I will end here and hope to see you tomorrow/today.

I think the pics came out really well. You have a real knack for picking just the right moment to shoot. I'm impressed. I'm also pleased that I completely understand your photo lingo even though it's been forever since I did any real photography myself.

Does somebody like birds?

Btw...what does your screen name mean? Where did it come from?

And that was Mel. I don't remember my password and I'm at school...shame on me!

Yes, I am a big fan of birds - especially birds of prey and especially especially peregrine falcons. I tried to get more pictures of the peregrine falcon but it didn't work out as well as I would've liked.

As for my screen name:
Sombra - spanish for "Shadow"
Ala - spanish for "Wing" (or other related words)

So my name would be "ShadowWing" in spanish. ShadowWing was my first screen name/alias on the internet, but it was used in many places - so I went ahead and translated it to spanish and I could get it everywhere I wanted.

Sometimes I use HikageHane which is Japanese. Not too often though.

Awe-some. Thanks for the info!

As for the birds, I'll have to forward your picture links to my brother. he is a big fan of the peregine falcon.

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