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Photos & Stuff
A few photos that I took down in Florida.

Greyhound Racing

and this may be one of the best pictures I've ever taken. That isn't a crop folks, that's straight off the camera and into your homes, places of employment, libraries (which for some may be one and the same as either of the other two) or anywhere else you get the internet.

More photos comming soon, but the rest are less globally appealing (lots of family, etc).

So Florida was good - not that much warmer than Kansas actually, since Florida was freakishly cold and Kansas was freakishly warm (go figure). I saw lots of family, and that made the entire trip a success just by that. Got to really get to know my sister's boyfriend. He's Polish and quite cool. My sister will apparently be spending a good amount of time in Poland and isn't too thrilled to be in the cold and darkness. My father is now retired as well, which is good for him but it might drive my mother crazy.

In other news - I am typing this from my very own Home Theater PC (HTPC). That means that this is a computer that is running on my TV. I have XP MCE running on it (but will get Vista when it's out), and can now do cool things like pause television, record shows and well... post to LJ from my TV. I must say it looks damn good to have a 42" monitor.

Lets see - other than that, work is good... not having to work crazy hours as much anymore, so I'll be regaining my life back. Oh - I'll be going to UMKC for graduate school (Masters in Computer Science). And we now have a decent kitchen table. Hurray.

I should go to sleep now, but perhaps now that I have a computer in my TV I will update more often.

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The pictures are awesome.

Awesome picture! Oh, and you think that you'll have a life when working AND going to grad school? Hahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

Amazing pictures as always. I should have you take pictures of my food. You'd make it look as good as it tastes.

Happy new year and woo for grad school. I want to be back in school. Maybe someday.

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